All  Photographs by David lilly

Latest Spring Bird Photos

Photos from Newfoundland

The puffins photos below were photographed at Elliston , Nf this year in early June. They were just starting to build nests.

Puffins are fascinating seabirds found in the North Atlantic Ocean, known for their distinctive appearance and behavior. Here are some key points about Atlantic puffins:

Appearance: They have a striking appearance with black and white plumage, a colorful triangular bill (brightly colored during the breeding season), and bright orange legs. Their large, soulful eyes are adapted for underwater vision.

Atlantic puffins are found in the North Atlantic, typically nesting on coastal cliffs or offshore islands. They breed in colonies called "puffinries" or "burrows."

Puffins primarily feed on fish, such as sand eels, herring, and capelin. They catch their prey by diving underwater, using their wings to "fly" through the water.

During the breeding season, puffins form monogamous pairs and often return to the same nesting site year after year. They are known for their distinctive courtship displays and behaviours.

Atlantic puffins face threats such as habitat loss, climate change affecting fish populations, and pollution. Conservation efforts include protecting nesting sites, monitoring populations, and raising awareness about their importance in marine ecosystems.

 Puffins are iconic birds in regions like Iceland, Norway, Scotland, and parts of Canada. They feature in folklore and are a popular subject for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers.

Overall, Atlantic puffins are charismatic and vital to their marine ecosystems, playing a crucial role in coastal and oceanic food webs.