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Sparrow Identify Guide

A Beginners Guide to Bird Watching

Guide to Bird Watching for all Ages

Keys to Bird Identification

Tail Feathers of 60 North American Birds


Maps of Important Birding Areas in Canada

Maritime Breeding Bird Atlas

New Brunswick Birds Checklist

Birds protected under the Migratory Birds Convention Act

Bird Canada

Birds of Quebec

Migratory Bird Maps in real-time

Eastern Ontario Birding Guide

All About Birds - A bird guide online

How to Caption a Bird Photograph

Living Bird Magazine

Migratory Bird Sanctuaries of Canada

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A checklist of Canadian Birds

Living Bird Magazine

Saskatchewan Breeding Bird Atlas

Columbia Valley Bird List , British Columbia

Free birding Bird Atlas of British Columbia

Free Bird Ebooks from Nature Canada

Important Birding Areas in Alberta

Report a Banded Bird

All about Boreal Birds

Free Topo Maps by National Geographic

Birding in Alberta

Saskatchewan Birding List

Central Alberta Birding Guide

Bird Forecasting

British Columbia Breeding Bird Atlas

Bird Channel

Nature Research Photography and Videography

Audubon’s Guide to Ethical Bird Photography

Beginners Guide to Bird Watching

Bird Studies Canada’s Top 6 Ways You Can Help Birds

Help stop birds from flying into windows

Latin names for most bird

All about Birds 

Audubon Bird Report - Effects of Climate Change on Birds.

Bird Check List for Canada, by Province

Important birding areas of Canada

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Ebird Canada

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Saskatchewan Birding areas (PDF)

Migratory Joint Venture

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Vancouver Avian Research Centre

Please use the resources below:

Canada Jay by David Lilly

Cowbird by David Lilly

Common Redpoll by David Lilly

Willet by David Lilly

Red-winged Blackbird by David Lilly

The page contains various resources, guides, and information related to bird watching.
It includes photography by David Lilly, a beginner's guide to bird watching, and a guide to ethical bird photography.

There are lists of bird species protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the Migratory Birds Convention Act.

The page also provides maps of important birding areas in Canada and specific regions like Quebec, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.

It mentions free birding resources such as ebooks and bird atlases.

There is information on bird sanctuaries, ways to help birds and the effects of climate change on them. The page features bird photographs by David Lilly, including birds like Canada Jay, Cowbird, Common Redpoll, Willet, and Red-winged Blackbird.

Belted Kingfisher by David Lilly

Black and White warbler by David Lilly