Pygmy-Owl with Vole by David Lilly

Waiting for the moment by David Lilly

Waiting for the right moment to click the shutter is very important in Bird Photography. The split second can mean the difference between a great photograph and a bad photograph.

Patience is needed, but the results for long waits will be rewarded. Below is a photograph of a juvenile Eastern Kingbird swallowing a Dragonfly after being feed by one of the parents. I saw the parents bring in food, so I waited and the one parent brought this Dragonfly.

To the right is a Northern Pygmy Owl with a Vole. I had to wait until late in the evening for the owl to start hunting.

We see Red-breasted Nuthatches almost on a daily basis, but to get a classic photograph of the nuthatch takes some time.

Again waiting for the right moment to click the shutter can mean the difference from a bad photograph and a good photograph.

Eastern Kingbirds being feed a Dragonfly by a parent. by David Lilly

Red-brested Nuthatch by David Lilly

Short-eared owl by David Lilly