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All photographs by David Lilly

Lovely American Kestrel

I got  a hint that there might be a pair of American Kestrels nesting in a box on private land. Went and talked to the landowner and he gave me the ok and pointed me in the direction of the nesting box.

Of course I used the standard procedure around nesting birds. I keep my distance and waited for the kestrel to enter or leave the nest. After about 30 minutes one of the Kestrels emerged from the box and flew to a local spruce tree.

I keep my distance again and moved around and got the following photos to the right. 

As most of my Kestrels photos are on fence post the photo here is a relief as they show the Kestrel in a natural setting. 

I had to photograph at a steep angle. As I moved around the Spruce tree the light was good.

Nikon D 500 with a Nikon 200 - 500mm lens.