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All photographs by David Lilly

More Birds Arriving Daily

Short trips around the City of Calgary is showing some signs of Spring. 

I counted 41 different bird species along the Bow River. Of course, there were the usual birds, Magpies, American Robins and Northern Flickers. 

There were some early arrivals, especially ducks. The Northern Shoveler was in the Bow River, this was the first sitting for me in the Bow River. These ducks usually favour the Praire Sloughs.

The American Tree Sparrow do stay for the winter, but they are not in large numbers. The House Finches do hang around all winter and can be seen at bird feeders.

The Common Redpoll was still hanging around but would think they will be going north soon.

As you can see there are more birds starting to make their way through our area. So get out there and photograph these wonderful creatures.