Reflections make the Bird Photograph

After photographing in the same geographical area for many years I have photographed most of the ducks. In order to keep the creative juices going I always look for different ways to photograph. I photograph ducks in flight, early in the morning, late in the evening, pairs of ducks, baby ducks etc.

My favorite photographs of ducks are the reflections, for me it adds another dimension to the photograph. In order to get great reflections everything has to be perfect. There cannot be any wind, the light has to be good and most of all the duck has to cooperate.

You should try to get low to the ground as possible. Wait for the Duck to stop making waves. One duck is easier to photograph then many, it just makes for a simple composition. Try for a side view if possible.

In order to get good photographs you will need a long lens - ducks will not come near you even in a blind.

For the photographs on this page I used a Nikon D 500 with 500mm F 4 lens. Don't forget you can switch the camera to one-third crop instead of using a tele-converter.